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Authority Decision

Adobe PDF 03/09/2012

Final Modification Report

Adobe PDF 27/03/2012
iGT041 Draft Final Modification Report (DFMR) Adobe PDF 07/03/2012
iGT041 DMR Consultation Responses Zip Archive 07/03/2012
iGT041 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 17/02/2012
iGT041/42DG Report to Panel Adobe PDF 01/02/2012
iGT041/42DG iGT UNC Party Preferences Excel Spreadsheet (Office 97-2003) 18/01/2012
iGT041/42DG UNC Panel Minutes and Voting Record - December 2011 Adobe PDF 11/01/2012
iGT041/42DG 2nd Meeting Draft Minutes Adobe PDF 13/12/2011
iGT041DG DG Meeting 1 Papers and Draft Minutes Zip Archive 31/10/2011
iGT041DG ToR DG Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 11/10/2011
iGT041 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 09/09/2011
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