Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
iGTWG 10-04 iGT Work Group Final Minutes Adobe PDF 02/02/2011
iGTWG 10-04 Draft Minutes Adobe PDF 13/12/2010
iGTWG 10-04 Agenda Adobe PDF 19/11/2010
iGTWG 10-04-03 EU 3rd Package- xoserve Switching Timescale Proposals Adobe PDF 19/11/2010
iGTWG 10-04-04

iGT023 Inspection File Formats and Estimated Meter Reads Paper

Adobe PDF 19/11/2010
iGTWG 10-04-01 Work Plan and Prioritisation of Issues Table Adobe PDF 15/11/2010
iGTWG 10-04-02 2011 Work Group Meeting Proposed Dates Adobe PDF 15/11/2010
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